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M.O.C is now in *SCAPE!

Posted on June 22 2016

M.O.C is now in *SCAPE!

Ministry of Clothing, the rising urban streetwear brand

By: Sara Jane Ong 

A new fashion store has opened at *SCAPE, and it plans on taking over street fashion, one graphic tee at a time.

Opened by Mahesh K Dhalani, Ministry of Clothing (MOC), a streetwear brand known for its quality graphic tees, open its flagship outlet at Peninsula Shopping Centre in 2008, but the store has opened its second branch at *SCAPE, this time stocking not just tees, but caps, jackets, blazers, bottoms and more.

With retail experience of over 20 years (Mahesh opened his first ever store, Chronic Streetwear, at Far East Plaza), Mahesh believes that the market is constantly evolving, and plans for MOC to evolve along with it, selling fashion-forward apparels at crazy affordable prices. 


As we entered the store blasting dance choreographies and music videos, we had a chat with the owner himself about his shop, and why he believes that it’s the next big thing in the market.

Why name the shop Ministry of Clothing?

When you think of the word “ministry”, you often think of authority. Our slogan for the brand is actually “the authority in urban streetwear”, and that’s what we plan to become. The people at MOC do anything under the sun in regards to clothing, and we’re always evolving. We want to be able to take charge of the fashion industry, hence the name.

Some of the tees available at the store

What makes the clothes at MOC special?

At MOC, we want to give youths quality for their money. We try to evolve our graphic tees, and came up with a new series called Black Out – black and white tees with graphic designs. All MOC shirts are also made with discharge printing – they don’t shrink, bleed, or fade.

What is the price point for MOC like?

The good thing about MOC is that we can sell our shirts at a low price and still guarantee that they’re of good quality. All our clothes are self-designed and self-manufactured, and we control the design and material of the clothes. That way, we can charge our customers less and still deliver the same good quality to them. Outside, one shirt of the same material can cost up to $80. But at MOC, we can sell them for less than $30. 

One of the bestsellers from their latest range, Black Out

How often do the designs at MOC change?

We try to change the designs for MOC every quarter.

What are your future plans for MOC?

We want to grow our e-commerce business, and give our customers a "touchpoint". We plan to expand our business to a few other places, so customers can see and feel our products and try them on, and be able to buy them online afterwards.

Why did you open MOC at *SCAPE?

It’s youth-oriented. MOC is a youth-oriented brand, and we got to go where the youngsters are. *SCAPE has sports, music, dance and fashion, and it’s a place where youths gather at, which fits our demographic perfectly. 

The range of caps available at MOC

What is your advice to youths who want to start their businesses?

It’s all about persistence. It’s all about having a vision, and holding on to it. Entrepreneurship is not done overnight. If you have something special to offer to people, then work towards it. It’s cliché, but don’t give up. A business is like a baby. It’s not going to walk on the first day, nor feed itself. You have to grow it, and nurture it, then reap the profits after. You have to keep it going, and keep grinding. 

Ministry of Clothing is located at *SCAPE #02-12. For more information about MOC, go to You can also follow them on Facebook